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TV Wall Upgrade

Are you looking for a way to upgrade a boring media or TV wall? These sconce slat towers may just be the thing you're looking for to add a modern touch to your space. It's a great DIY beginner project that is fairly easy yet packs a big punch.

'My nephew Tyler cut these 1x2 1/2 x 12's to fit the space. We then sanded them down and rolled on two coats of Sherwin Williams "Cyberspace." We used a cross brace of wood at the top, middle and bottom to nail the slats onto. We also used a 1/4" piece of wood to keep the spacing between each slat. I know slat walls are a design feature that will come and go like most trends do, so I decided to create a cleat that would be secured into the studs on the wall for the slat towers to rest on. This way, I wasn't putting 80 nail holes in the drywall that would have to be patched up later.

Next, it was time to add the gold sconces. These particular sconces are linked here and can be found on Amazon. I cut the guts out of each sconce and purchased battery operated bulbs that I could screw right into the receptacles on the sconces. They come with remotes which control the warmth and timing of each light.

I did have to cut around a couple outlets on the wall that would've been covered by the slats. We just used a jigsaw for this and then covered the outlets with new paintable flat ones like this:

Here is the final result below. I absolutely love the way this project turned out! I plan to replace the console under the TV and purchase a new rug for the space. Any suggestions? I'd love to hear your thoughts! I hope you gathered some design inspo for your future TV wall and would love to hear all about it.

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