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Easy DIY Line Art

Have you ever gone on the hunt for wall art and after visiting places like Homegoods, Target or Marshall's, realized there really isn't anything unique? Most items in the big box stores are mass produced resulting in pieces you are sure to see in everyone else's home. If you really want to create something thoughtful, creative and original, take a dive into the world of DIY art. Line art is easy to produce, doesn't take much time and creates a crisp, clean look for any space.

With line art, you can either create real objects such as the botannical print seen above, or simply make patterns. The only two items you'll need to purchase for this simple yet beautiful look is a Sharpie and a piece of paper. I prefer a thicker paper such as the kind you get from an art pad or sketch book. You can also use poster board or card stock. You can make several smaller designs and display them together, or you can make one large design like the example above. Either way, start by drawing the outline, then slowly fill it in with lines that mimic the curves and sides of the object. That's it. Really! Then, by framing your piece, it really elevates the look. Your drawing doesn't have to be black and white. If you prefer a color to match your home, apartment or dorm, just do the drawing in that color. These simple prints can even be painted or colored, if desired. The design really pops and makes a nice impact to any wall space.

If you'd like more ideas, check out this board on Pinterest:

Don't be afraid to experiment. Try some ideas out on scrap paper first. Then just let your mind go and see what happens. It's actually a great way to relax! Happy creating!

Click here to purchase the sketch pad and sharpies I like to use

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