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Bathroom Update on a Budget

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Bathroom renovations can add value to your home. They can also be very pricey. Having the right tools and the willingness to learn how to do a few things yourself can cut costs and make your bathroom into the updated space you envisioned. Here are 5 ways I saved money but added value to update this former kid bathroom:

1. Paint

Instead of purchasing a new vanity, I painted the one I had. By using a quart of leftover paint from another project, this upgrade was free! Color choice: SW Network Gray .

2. Tile

Bringing tile all the way up to the ceiling helped this wall take center stage. I used Musselbound Tile Membrane Adhesive instead of thinset. What a timesaver! This product is like a giant roll of sticker tape that you literally stick your tile to. You just measure, cut, and stick. I purchased my white subway tile from Floor and Decor . I was able to save a lot here by installing the tile myself. Youtube videos were very helpful here. I also purchased a tile cutter from Amazon.

3. Lighting

Here's where you have to decide if the learning curve is worth it. I needed to split a single fixture into two. I used a lot of videos to help, including from DIYer Seeking Alexi. You can see her YouTube video here. If you don't know what you're doing in this area, I highly recommend hiring an electrician for this.

4. Faucet

We have hard, calcium-laden water here in Florida and a whole home water softener is not in the budget. Unfortunately, this means we are constantly replacing faucets. I shop for stylish yet affordable faucets keeping in mind that they will probably not be working longer than 3-5 years. I purchased this faucet from Lowe's for $129.

5. Decor

Whether it's rugs, towels, special soaps or art, here's you can make your space's personality shine. Instead of purchasing new items, I went around my home and took items out of cabinets, painted my own art and bought faux succulents from Walmart. I love to repaint and repurpose items giving them new life in a space.

These are just a few tips and tricks for updating your bathroom without breaking the bank. You might just decide you like it enough to put off a major renovation a few more years.

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